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The idea that we, as the pinnacle of God's creation, are called to follow in his footsteps and create things that bring Him glory and lead our lives in a way that every step taken is for Him, every word spoken is with Him, and every song sung brings Him praise.


14 years of

worship leading

Experienced music instructor for guitar and vocals

Experience in growing volunteer commitment

Performed with

over 16 different instruments

15+ years

mixing audio

10+ years of photo/video experience

philosophy of worship

Etymologically, the English word "worship" comes from the Old-English word "worth-ship" meaning "to ascribe worth to". When we are worshipping God, we are manifesting His worth to us. We are proclaiming "God you are worth everything" and our effort and excellence in craftsmanship should reflect that.

This philosophy of "worth-ship" can be broken into three main categories ministerially: Personal, Tabernacle, and Congregational

Personal worship consists of our intimate connection with God through a wide range of activities including music, nature, exercise, meditation, work, family, etc. These are the ways in which an individual believer finds God in the "everyday" moments of our lives.

Tabernacle worship is similar to personal in that it occurs in our everyday lives, however it finds its roots in the priesthood of all believers. The Israelites in the New Testament carried with them a tabernacle that was used as a place for the people of God to meet with Him. Everywhere we go, we take with us the New Tabernacle. We offer those around us the opportunity to meet with Him and partake in the worship of Him.

Congregational worship encompasses all of our Sunday service. Typically we view it as the time a congregation of believers spend singing and not much else. However, worship encompasses so much more than that. Everything from our conversations, teachings, prayers, and yes, singing contributes to a service of worship that trains believers to partake in lives of tabernacle, and personal worship.


Freelance Videographer/Photographer

ArborNorth Productions

Oct 2017-Present

  • Managed and produced high-quality content for weddings, corporations, and personal clients.

  • Created a sustainable business in an area with no prior contacts

Volunteer Youth Worship Director

Orange Park United Methodist Church

Orange Park, FL

Sep 2017-Nov 2019

  • Rebuilt youth worship program from 0 to over 15 high school volunteers

  • Taught students new instruments out of their comfort zone to help them grow as musicians.

  • Equipped student leaders with the tools to lead worship in a biblical manner

  • Recreated music by ear for students to perform

Wellspring A/V Technician

Spring Arbor University

Spring Arbor, MI

Dec 2015-Aug 2016

  • Developed effective team work for set up and tear down of entire sound system while on tour

  • Maintained sound equipment to ensure high-quality worship experiences for camps across Michigan and Ontario

  • Conflict management between team members during high-stress timelines

  • Effectively implemented the concept of "leading worship from the back of the room"

Worship Intern

Crossroads Community Church

Ottawa Lake, MI

Jun 2015-Sep 2015



Bachelors in Worship Arts:

Leadership and Media

Spring Arbor University 2016

Bachelors in Mortuary Science

DesMoines Area Community College 2021

other work

Funeral and Marketing Director

Holdship Family of Funeral Homes

Lake City, MI

Dec 2019-Present

Dec 2016-Oct 2017

Internet Sales

Ernie Palmer Toyota

Jacksonville, FL

Dec 2016-Oct 2017

Video Lab Assistant

Spring Arbor University

Spring Arbor, MI

Dec 2014-Aug 2016

Worship Intern

Crossroads Community Church

Ottawa Lake, MI

Jun 2015-Sep 2015

Worship Set

In this worship session, we are leading worship for a group of middle school and high school students whom the majority of don't attend regular Sunday worship or have much experience singing in church at all.

Because of this we took a more "informative" approach to our call to worship. This night of worship was a great opportunity for the youth group to experience faith in a new way.

video / photo

My work in video and photography carries over into my passion for worship and using those gifts to create meaningful stories that can enhance worship gatherings.

My full photo and video portfolio can be found at

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